"The need for this is great. Our students are smart kids, but they're lacking role models like us to assist them in unlocking their potential. EducateSuccess needs to be recommended to the Seattle School Board."  Business Executive trained as an EducateSuccess coach and volunteered at RB High School.

" "The process caused me to dig deeper and address my distorted self-image. I left the conference prepared to reach my fullest potential."  RB High School Student.

" "I wish this was in school when I was at school. This is a powerful curriculum."  Asst. Principal at RBHS

 "Students learn valuable life lessons from community mentors at a time when their lives are about to change radically as they become young adults."  Teacher at RBHS

"This training makes me feel confident as a coach. The trainers did such an amazing job. I would recommend this workshop to other professionals"  

AmeriCorp High School Student Coach

"I loved going over the SMART strategies.  It provided a road map to help guide my relationships with my students"

AmeriCorp High School Student Coach

"I would like to offer training like this when I'm a supervisor.  It's excellent!"

AmeriCorp High School Student Coach

"I'm excited to put this learning to use as a college coach"

AmeriCorp High School Student Coach

"I felt like this workshop was an empowering and validating experience. It helped me to feel more prepared for coaching this year"

AmeriCorp High School Student Coach

"The program has helped me understand what triggers my rage.  I learned how to deal with my anger in a positive way" 

Male offender

I have decided to stop being dishonest and take ownership for my actions.  I'm learning to respect myself"

Female offender

"This information will help me become a better father after my release"

Male offender

I was very skeptical about the success of the program.  However, the curricula fosters self-transformation through awareness of the core issues.  The program instructs offenders to change behavioral cycles which lead to incarceration"

Director, Social Service Department

"The program doesn't make you feel shamed for being incarcerated.  I know I can be an artist one day"

Male offender

Well done to CAN's 2017-18 AmeriCorps College Coaches

Well done to all the 2017-18 AmeriCorps CAN College Coaches!


Over the past five years, Educate Success has partnered with College Access Now to train over 60 AmeriCorps members. These trainings have greatly enriched their experiences, allowing them to deepen their skills as coaches and define their boundaries as young professionals.

Twenty of our AmeriCorps members have completed the Post Graduate Certification in College Coaching, through which they have created their own goals, reflected upon their relationships with students, and evaluated their own growth. This critical lens allowed for deeper professional development for our members and a more impactful experience for our students. Our partnership with Educate Success has truly enriched us, across our organization. We would certainly recommend this training for any organizations working with youth or AmeriCorps members!

Karissa Masciel/Manager, AmeriCorps Grant & High School Services